Fruits, Vegetables, and More

Available Fruits and Vegetables:

Availability may vary.

Apples, Courtland

Apples, Ginger Gold Available by special order.

Apples, Golden Delicious

Apples, Honeycrisp

Apples, Mutsu

Beets, Red


Cabbage, Green

Cabbage, Purple

Cucumbers, Seeded Picklers

Cucumbers, Slicers

Green Beans


Onions, Walla Walla (Sweet)

Pears, Asian, "Our Own" Homegrown

Pears, Bartlett

Potatoes, Red

Peppers, Red Banana, "Our Own" Homegrown

Peppers, Yellow Banana,  "Our Own" Homegrown

Peppers, (Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, and Green)

Peppers, Colossal (Red, Orange, and Yellow), "Our Own" Homegrown

Peppers, "Hot Hot Hot" Colorful Minis, "Our Own" Homegrown

Peppers, Jalapeno, "Our Own" Homegrown

Plums, Stanley

Sammy's Tomatoes, Red Ripe, "Our Own" Homegrown

Sammy's Tomatoes, Yellow, "Our Own" Homegrown

Sammy's Tomatoes, Green, "Our Own" Homegrown

Squash, Fall, Butternut, "Our Own" Homegrown

Squash, Fall, Spaghetti, "Our Own" Homegrown

Sweet Corn, Extra Sweet, "Our Own" Homegrown Order your Bushels by calling the Farm.


Zucchini, Green