About Us

Sweet Corn Charlie's was started by Chuck and Tami Mohler in 1986. Joining them in the farming operation are Sammy, his wife Katrina, and Dan. 

The Mohlers learned innovative farming techniques from their frequent time spent in Israel. Through these techniques, they are able to raise homegrown fruits and vegetables much earlier than the normal Northern Indiana season.

You may buy Sweet Corn Charlie' s fresh produce at locations in Northern Indiana. Visit us as we celebrate 30 years of serving you!

The gourmet bi-color sweet corn is hand harvested early in the morning by local youth, sent out by truck and trailer to the various locations, bagged by friendly, caring marketers and ready for sale to our customers the same day. In addition, Sweet Corn Charlie's raises a wide variety of other fresh picked, farm grown vegetables and melons. Fruits e.g. strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and apples are purchased locally from farmers who we know and trust.

Why not add to your summer fun with a delicious treat from Sweet Corn Charlie's?